3 Reasons You Should Tether on Your Next Photo Shoot

While most amateur photographers rely on the camera’s viewfinder to access their shots, there are some very real benefits to tethering to a computer screen instead. Not convinced? Check out the video below by pro photographer Vanessa Joy where she does an on location tethered shoot:

1. Convenience

Tethering, or using a cable to load photos directly onto your computer or tablet as you shoot, can really revolutionize your workflow. Not only does it load your photos directly to the folder of your choice, but it allows you (and your clients) to see your shots on a large screen in real time.

2. Analyze and Correct Shots On Location

You can easily spot issues with lighting, focus, or composition. This means less time editing and culling all the photos that don’t meet the mark.

It also allows you to collaborate more freely with your clients, working together for the shot(s) they’re looking for.

“Being able to involve my clients in the creative process helps to create a better outcome.”

3. Collaborate with Your Clients

While not every client will be helpful in a collaborative process, the ones that really thrive on it and/or know exactly what they want will totally appreciate the kind of inclusion that looking at the photos together can bring. Of course, you’ll want to use it only in controlled environments, with only one or two clients giving input. Too many cooks in the kitchen could clearly spell disaster. Still, if you’re good at what you do, having it show up for everyone to see can easily lend that “wow factor” Joy appreciates.

getting a better look at your shot through tethering

One thing to note, however, is that many people have found that tethering directly into Lightroom tends to be buggy, causing freezes and other inconveniences. If you really want to give it a shot but Lightroom isn’t working well with the tether tools available, you may want to try Capture One.

Do you like to shoot tethered? Why or why not?

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