21 Questions with a Professional Surf Photographer

Advice straight from the pros is always great. The insight they share with you can turn out to be highly valuable – and something that you may not find in books. In the following video, Marica from B&H catches up with professional surf photographer and underwater wildlife photographer Zak Noyle. Let’s see what he has to share:

Noyle starts off by talking about how he got into photography, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected his photography and interaction sessions. He also talks about his first gear, what he is using at the moment, and his favorite gear besides his camera that has helped him so much. To motivate the upcoming photographers, he shares some of his secrets to success in his career, and also reveals his favorite challenging shot.

If you’re someone who’s into water sports photography or underwater wildlife photography, be sure to watch this short and insightful interview. You might just come across something really exciting that’ll keep you motivated in this difficult time.

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