13 Satisfying Photos that Use Patterns Perfectly

Our world is filled with patterns. They’re everywhere around us, but we often overlook them. Photographers often utilize repeated elements to give the viewer a pleasing sense of harmony and order. The elements might be shapes, tones, forms, or lines.

When taking photos of patterns, put focus on them by isolating them from the surroundings. You can either emphasize or break the pattern to capture a great image. Enjoy this collection of patterns in photography that we found:

pattern, gate, spain

photo by Luca Moglia


photo by Lucy Nieto

sunflower, pattern

photo by Sid Mosdell

photo by Martin Gommel

pattern, red, nest

photo by Zach Bulick

pattern, peru, stripes

photo by antifluor

pattern, walk

photo by Tuncay

On your next photo walk, look for patterns and repetition. Then show us what you found below!

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