11 Photos in the Name of Love

Love is something we should celebrate every day, not just on a few special dates during the year—or at least not just on dates that are universal for all of us. Pick some of your special days—that day you got engaged or the day you first met. If you still love Valentine’s Day, make something out of it besides red roses and chocolate. Here are some images of beautiful couples we found. Maybe you could do something like this. Arrange a photo session with your loved one and surprise them for your next special date!

engagement, session, wedding, photographer, love

photo by Sean McGrath

engagement, couple, beach

photo by Sam Liang

engagement, couple, dress, night, city, lights

photo by Christopher

couple, legs, cut, valentine

photo by latteda

couple, sean, molin, bokeh

photo by Sean Molin

couple, flying, umbrella, engagement

photo by Brian Wolfe

cut, couple, grass, hug, engagement

photo by nate.stevens

If you’re on the other side of the camera, check out some of the tips from our articles for shooting couples.

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