100 Travel Lightroom Presets

The Travel Lighroom Presets collection from LoadedLandscapes includes 100 Lightroom presets designed to transform your photos with a single click in your photo editing workflow. These presets have been created especially for improving and optimizing travel photos, and with a collection of 100 presets at your disposal you will have a great variety of effects and looks that you can create instantly. Found here: Travel Lightroom Presets

travel lightroom presets

100 Premium Lightroom Presets designed specifically for travel photography

Some Benefits of Using Presets:

  • Save time by drastically speeding up your workflow. Spend more time with your camera and less time at the computer.
  • Get better results and make your photos pop.
  • No Lightroom expertise needed! Even if you are a beginner with Lightroom you can get great results by using our presets with your photos.
  • With 100 different presets included, you will have a huge variety of different looks and effects that are available to you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will I get access to the presets?
Immediately after the purchase is successfully processed you will be led to a download page. You’ll also receive an email with a download link.

travel image editing

Instant settings of exposure adjustments, clarity, vibrance, saturation, colors, split toning, highlights, shadows, sharpening, noise reduction, vignetting, graduated filter adjustments and more.

Can I use the presets for commercial purposes?
Yes. You can use the presets on photos that you will sell or license. The preset files themselves cannot be re-sold or re-distributed, but you are welcome to use them in the processing of photos that you will sell.

What software is required to use the presets?
You will need Lightroom. The presets are compatible with Lightroom versions 4, 5, 6, and CC. The presets are not compatible with Photoshop.

Do they work on a Mac/PC?
Yes, they work on both Mac and PC.

Do they work with both RAW and JPG files?
Yes, they can be used with either.

editing travel photos

Before & After examples using the travel presets – great results in 1-click

Are instructions included?
Yes. You will get access to documentation.

Can I install the presets on multiple computers?
Yes, you can install the presets on multiple computers as long as it is for your own use.

How to Get The Travel Presets Collection:

The presets are compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC. They work on both Mac and PC, and can be used with RAW or JPG files.

Found here: Travel Lightroom Presets

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