10 Minutes in West Bank with a Film Camera

Photographer Chris Hughes had originally planned to usher in the New Year in Paris. But at the last minute, Hughes changed his mind and his plans, and instead boarded a plane that was to take him farther into Europe and beyond. He eventually ended up traveling to 13 countries in 24 days after what started off as a year-end vacation to the City of Lights. This 10-minute video was shot in the West Bank, probably one of the most hostile places on the face of earth:

No stranger to the path less traveled, Hughes felt an unstoppable urge to continue working his way through different countries. He visited places such as the Dead Sea, Egypt, Palestine, Israel and the West Bank along with Germany, Turkey and Venice.

Armed with rolls of film, his cameras, passport,and a backpack, he spent some time recording both videos and stills of the ongoing struggle in this hot bed of conflict.

10 minutes at the West Bank

People running to avoid tear-gas shells fired at them

The images are a reminder of the daily struggle that people living in this place have to face—the constant fear of injury and death and the loss of innocence for thousands of children who grow up before their time.

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One response to “10 Minutes in West Bank with a Film Camera”

  1. Gil Kenny says:

    You call “West Bank, probably one of the most hostile places on the face of earth”…
    well, try to visiting Syria, or Afghanistan, or Oromia (in Ethiopia), or some other countries of conflict…
    You would not fine there “People running to avoid tear-gas” because after throwing there stones and Molotov_bottles, they’ll be simply shout. Only in the west bank they have the (relatively) safty of “tear-gas”…

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