Timelapse Photography of Montreal During the Winter

There are many timelapses that capture the movements of clouds and changes in weather. They pan over breath-taking vistas and show the stars seemingly revolve around the earth. But few show the more micro aspects of a place. Timecode Lab has created sequences that not only shows you the city skyline changing from day to night, but also captures the smaller, more intimate moments of Montreal during the winter:

Timecode Lab has a reputation for innovation, and their latest timelapse reinforces that rep. Many timelapse videos show a city skyline and changing lights from day to night. And although they are beautiful, they miss out on something. Timecode Lab’s timelapse of Montreal captures moments in the city, including people walking downtown, a late night concert, and a hockey game.

All of these clips, interwoven with the sweeping views of the skyline, work to create a more personal connection to the city. Montreal feels more alive when the people are shown hustling and bustling about, riding sleighs and trudging through the snow at night. It puts a fresh and welcoming spin on the otherwise same old timelapse video.

winter timelapse montreal

Timecode Lab captures the micro and macro aspects of Montreal

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