Interesting Photo of the Day: Dragon Capsule in Orbit

It’s a picture of a picture and one incredible sight. Up in the Space Station’s Cupola, European Space Agency Astronaut Alexander Gerst snaps a photograph of Dragon capsule. It seems the previously intangible notion of commercial space travel is quickly becoming a reality:

astronaut photo of dragon spacecraft

An astronaut takes a picture of Dragon spacecraft from the space station. (Via Facebook. Click image to see full size.)

Dragon is a spacecraft designed by SpaceX to carry cargo and eventually people to orbiting destinations. It is the first commercial spacecraft to deliver cargo to the International Space Station, as well as the only vessel capable of returning cargo to earth. In the next few years, SpaceX hopes to send up the first manned test flight.

SpaceX explains the capsule will boast “seating for seven, life-support systems, controls with manual capability, and a powered launch escape system.”

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