Unsettling Video Shows Staged Photojournalism in the Middle East

“The camera cannot lie.” So goes a phrase that became popular when printed photographs became available to the general public in the 19th century. But as consumers grow more and more savvy about the integrity of the media, the camera (and, more importantly, the photographer behind it) is no longer considered to be the epitome of truth.

To demonstrate the lies that photography can tell, watch this video of a crowd of people staging a fake riot as photographers capture the scene:

The footage, posted by El Badil, an independent news source based in Cairo, Egypt, shows a group armed with signs that suggest they are Morsi supporters. The supposed protesters freeze for a photographer as they fake injuries and appear to be in the midst of violence and chaos. Meanwhile. the area around the staged commotion seems to be calm and quiet as onlookers chat with one another and snap pictures with their phones.




Videos such as these are evidence of just some of the ways photographers can suggestively manipulate a scene, even without the use of Photoshop. While a camera may record the scene in front of the lens accurately, the resulting image may not be as forthright as the viewer would like to believe.

“The camera cannot lie, but it can be an accessory to untruth.” –Harold Evans

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7 responses to “Unsettling Video Shows Staged Photojournalism in the Middle East”

  1. John Lind says:

    And I suppose all the injured and dead in makeshift hospitals are fakes too?

  2. Josh says:

    And I suppose you miss the point of all articles, John Lind? Picture Correct shows one instance of fakery and you blow it up into them somehow implying everything going on in Egypt is being faked. +5 internet overreactions for you!

  3. PTH says:

    Is this staged video staged? How do we determine truth?

  4. Hatem Kotb says:

    I feel humiliated after watching this.
    I’m Egyptian if you haven’t figured out yet..

  5. Mohamed says:

    This video offends me and offends all of the injured Egyptians.

    All of the morsi’s pro media offices were closed by the military and all of its staff are jailed. The whole country’s media (what’s left of it) are against the demonstrations. with all of their money the can do all different kinds of videos to prove what ever they want.

    This article should be removed. It is a political article and offends a lot of readers to this website and offends all of the shed blood in Egypt.

    Please, remove this article.

  6. memo says:

    But it is a coup for media coverage of the crimes committed by the army and the coup government
    To change the fact recognized by the largest democratic countries in the world
    And criminals continue to lie on the peaceful coup

  7. Titilola Popoola says:

    PictureCorrect. It is a performance, please make sure when dealing with foreign material you get someone to translate for you. The caption on youtube says that it is a performance. Not that they were actually doing it to spread falsehood. They are advertising for an events platform for Morsi supporters. It is not photojournalism or documentation. Really not cool, especially in these times because it is enough what the people are dealing with. This would just help fan the flames, smh.

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