The Canon 70D’s New Dual Pixel AF Technology, Man it’s Fast

When Canon first introduced HD video capabilities on its 5D Mark II in 2009, it revolutionized video production. Filmmakers everywhere could record on the camera’s large sensor and quality lenses at a fraction of traditional costs. But many features that were standard to dedicated video cameras, like proper audio recording capabilities and autofocus, still lacked.

To it’s credit, Canon (and others) have been catching up their technology. And now, with the introduction of the 70D, Canon debuted an innovative autofocus technology that will please DSLR video enthusiasts everywhere.

It’s called “Dual Pixel CMOS AF” and it zips the camera’s focus in live view with impressive speed. How fast is it? Check out this short video to see it in action:

The new technology is a significant improvement. Previously, DSLRs were slow, would “focus hunt” or worse be unable to autofocus during recording. However, this iteration appears to be quick and reliable. Canon’s product page uses the words “game-changing” and “revolutionary” to describe it.  And they just might be right.

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2 responses to “The Canon 70D’s New Dual Pixel AF Technology, Man it’s Fast”

  1. Patrick Rosenbalm says:

    Impressive! My 60D sure won’t do that. Looks like it’s successor was worth the wait. I wonder what all a 7D II will do when it’s finally released? I’m guessing a 70D with a higher burst rate in a tougher body. Sounds like a win win with both!

  2. raul lomeli says:

    So fast & Wonderful.

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