Sellebrity: Exploring the Relationship Between Paparazzi and Celebrities

The paparazzi has always been a topic of hot debate. Issues of privacy and fame are constantly argued between groups who lie on opposite ends of the spectrum. But in the mess of it all, Kevin Mazur, a Rock & Roll photographer, has taken the time to create a documentary about the paparazzi and all the arguments that surround them. This is Mazur’s first feature-length documentary and is titled Sellebrity:

In this short trailer, you can see that Mazur is attempting to answer a lot of questions and brings in a lot of different opinions for the film. Of course privacy has always been the most forefront issue, but it looks like Mazur also takes a look at social media and society’s obsession with celebrity life.

The film includes a decent roster of celebrities that really adds to the perspective spectrum. Big names such as Jennifer Aniston, Elton John, and Kid Rock (to name a few) add their own opinions to the discussion.

crowd of paparazzi photographer

Paparazzi at Work

It’s curious to see what the documentary will reveal and if it will persuade people to┬áreconsider their opinions on the paparazzi and the famous or if they will simply continue to indulge the media and their celebrity obsessions.

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