Ridiculously Photogenic Guy Becomes Media Sensation for Unknown Reasons

While running the Cooper River Bridge Run in South Carolina, Zeddie “Watkins” Little had a snapshot taken of him by a random bystander. Now, instances like this probably occur all the time, but what makes this snapshot stand out above the crowd is how photogenic Watkins appears, having just completed a 10k race.

rediculously photogenic guy

Rediculously Photogenic Guy (imgur)

The man who took the photograph, Will King, said he was trying to photograph some friends that were also competing in the race, but when he saw Watkins approaching he was compelled to photograph him.

“He was looking straight at the camera, smiling, the sun was hitting his hair as it was just flowing in the wind…An all around photogenic guy.”

Within 24 hours, King posted the image on the internet and the new meme, Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, spread like wildfire across the interwebs as documented by Good Morning America here:

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