Ram Superbowl Commercial: Likely The Most Expensive Photo Slideshow Ever Produced

During the most recent Superbowl (XLVII), a two-minute ad by Chrysler ran during the commercials. This was an abnormally long commercial, as a 30-second spot during the Superbowl can cost upwards of $4 million, putting Chrysler’s ad somewhere around the 16 million dollar mark. What’s unique about this commercial is that there is no video, no actors, and no animated or CGI characters. It’s a simple slideshow dedicated to the Chrysler proclaimed “Year of the Farmer” featuring photographs of farmers and their land, definitely worth another look:

Ten photographers were hired to create the images for this commercial. Among them were National Geographic photographer William Albert Allard and documentary photographer Kurt Markus (via PetaPixel). The photos were put together as a slide show and played with the now-deceased Paul Harvey’s speech given at the National FFA convention in 1978.

farmer with equipment

Photo taken for a 16 million dollar Superbowl commercial

The combination of these stunning images with Harvey’s powerful speech make for an emotional impact, the beauty of which is contained in the simplicity of the commercial itself which reminds us of the power of images and audio.

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