Interesting Portrait of the Day: Kissed by Fire

Sometimes when taking portraits you have to get up close and personal. Today’s interesting photo is a portrait of a young red-haired girl in a snowy setting. What really makes this photo grab the viewer’s attention is the girl’s blue eyes, particularly in contrast with her red hair:

portrait color

Compelling portrait coloring (click to see full size, imgur)

Now some might comment on the post-processing of the highlights being blown out so that it almost appears as if the girl’s nose is missing (this seems to be a popular thing lately, especially on facebook). But there are several other things that make this image very engaging.

One is the closeness of the crop. You can really see the details in the girl’s eyes, hair, and jacket. Another is the composition. Notice how she is not in the center of the frame, but rather off to one side, and her eyes come close to the top line in the rule-of-thirds grid.

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6 responses to “Interesting Portrait of the Day: Kissed by Fire”

  1. Photographer says:

    That highlight stuff is just one thing. But it ain’t tack sharp at all… Just open it in full size…

  2. Rod Arroyo says:

    Beautiful image. I find a horizontal (landscape) crop and some negative space to be very appealing for head shots and portraits. It is how I shoot most of my head shots now.

  3. Vas says:

    This is a great portrait shot. The composition is great, and I love the way the red hair and the blue eyes just stand out. Okay so it’s not tack sharp, the composition and the highlights make up for it, in my opinion.

  4. Paul Frocchi says:

    just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. Inspiring stuff!

  5. Carl Schaad says:

    I have to agree with Rod, lovely image. An Rod, I clicked through to your site and your home page is beautiful- I love the image of the girl in the upper right. Wonderful work!

  6. lynmay says:

    Nicely done outdoor portrait that really captures
    the mood.
    BTW, most portraiture is rarely “tack” sharp as it
    will usually detract from the subject, not enhance.

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