Photojournalism Image of the Day: Armored Vehicle Falls Off Overpass During Arab Spring

Cameras are everywhere these days, able to capture almost any moment at any time. Most recently, someone captured this shot of an armored vehicle falling of off a bridge in Egypt. This shows that even a moment as brief as this is now part of historical record with photos and video:

humvee protesters egypt bridge falling

Photojournalists Document Violence in Egypt (Via Imgur Click for Full Size)

Details on the incident were initially very fuzzy. It was first reported or inferred that the vehicle was callously pushed off of the bridge by an out-of-control mob of protesters without provocation. But a recently released video shows the vehicle slamming into a bus and possibly running over a couple protestors. As the driver of the armored vehicle attempts to back away from the now angry protesters, he breaks the railing of the bridge and the vehicle falls off.

In the past it was easier to blur the lines around what actually happened in an incident like this, but with more and more cameras everywhere the truth of what actually happened is harder to hide by either side of a conflict:

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