Photography Harlem Shake Editions

If you haven’t seen a Harlem Shake video yet, you’re behind. The Harlem Shake is the new web sensation that’s getting everybody up on their feet and dancing (and also dressing very strangely). It starts out with one person dancing, and then a group of people come out of nowhere and start dancing and jumping around as soon as the beat drops. Youtube has exploded with different versions of the Harlem Shake, and even photographers have been joining in on the fun:

This next one is my favorite even though there are only four people in it. One guy kneels on the floor and waves two flashes around firing them off like crazy while another man grabs a couple of reflectors and pretends he’s a butterfly.

Even everybody’s favorite camera reviewer, (at least in his mind) Kai, from Digital Rev TV has made a Harlem Shake video. Though, as you should expect, Kai takes it a little over the top.

Camera stores even seem to be using it as a promotional tool for their business. Whether ridiculous or genius, you have to admit that they’re getting attention.Via Petapixel

harlem shake

The photography harlem shake

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