Photographer’s Project to Find the Average Face of Women from Each Country

Is it possible to determine what the average face of a nationality looks like?

Using photos of women across 41 countries, a photographer has merged the images using Face Research software to create one face for each country:

face research average

Average Faces of Women from Different Countries (Via Imgur)

It’s amazing what computer software can do these days when it comes to photography. Face Research actually lets you take anywhere from two to thousands of photos and merge them into one final, flawless image.

A composite image, actually, that is more attractive than its constituent faces. As written on the Face Research website, the Averageness Hypothesis of attractiveness proves

that averageness is the critical determinant of attractiveness

That can’t be denied in this case. These final portraits are definitely beautiful, the average woman is stunning!

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10 responses to “Photographer’s Project to Find the Average Face of Women from Each Country”

  1. Errr says:

    Something wrong with Scotland was there researcher?… as such I dismis this work.

  2. Cliff Hill says:

    What happened to America and why are blacks all grouped at the end?

    • Michel says:

      America?, America is there!, didn’t you see that the posted Mexico, Peru and Puerto Rico?, they are in America, you know?. Perhaps you mean the United States of America?.

      America is continent, not a country!.

  3. Nnedi Obasi says:

    The photographer grouped Africa as a country, shame! And I do not believe that the face I’m seeing as South Africa is correct.

  4. American Mutt says:

    I would’ve Definitely liked to see what he would’ve come up with as the average American woman… & Scotland’s absence is missed!

  5. It’s great to see you have pride in your country and express concern if it is not present. Australia too is missing, however I am sure these are samples! You have to remember many nations such as Australia and the United States of America were settled by Europeans and their average face would comprise of their European heritage along with their native people. Surly Scotland would be similar to other nations of similar latitude and climate.
    There are two points that really strike me. Firstly the similarity of so many races, regardless of race is simply amazing. Secondly, these average shots show how beautiful the average person is. In almost all instances I find the average face physical desireable.
    A follow up on say the natives of North America and the Australian Aboriginal would be extremely interesting.
    We’ll done to all those involved.

  6. lilnda huffman says:

    I want to see an “earth” woman composite of all races/nationalities.

  7. Miri says:

    Guys, this guy has done more than just these photos, AND did males, too. In addition he’s done composites using just actors and other things, do not think that these are EVERYTHING he’s done or that him not doing something is him ‘spiting’ or ‘slighting’ your nationality. It’s possible he just hasn’t got to you yet.

    Here. Have his link:

  8. Jess says:

    I think it would have been cool to see the United States done as a composite with a variety of the ethnicities that live here.

  9. Marie Petite says:

    My understanding is that the photographer took 4000 pictures of women all over the world and mixed all together and the result is AFRO AMERICAN; am I mistaken and why is it in bold or highlighted.

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