Photographers Faced With Suspicious Activity Reports

Just how much does the government need to know about our personal activities as photographers? Judging by the flood of reports the ACLU posted on their website, which contain suspicious activity reports collected by the feds on various private citizens, many of whom happen to be working photographers, the government may want to know a little more than what most find comfortable.

"Bridge in Black and White" by Katherine Ross. Click image to see more from Katherine Ross.

“Bridge in Black and White” by Katherine Ross

According to a story released by NPR, Hal Bergstrom, a photographer based out of California, was questioned on multiple occasions after he was observed photographing bridges and industrial scenes. Outside of being frequently harassed by security guards and local law enforcement, even when shooting on public property, Bergstrom has also answered a knock at fthe door from federal agents wanting to know what he was up to. They asked him questions such as, “Do you hold any ill will toward the United States of America?”

What is most unsettling about having your every move recorded and questioned is the fact that it’s not clear what the reports are being used for. At least 53 federal agencies are currently collecting data alongside multiple regional agencies.¬†While it’s likely that the information will simply be dismissed after each case is investigated, the fact that it is happening at all is somewhat unsettling for many.

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2 responses to “Photographers Faced With Suspicious Activity Reports”

  1. Keith says:

    Freedom is not free!

  2. Jim Allen says:

    Wake Up!!!! Most Photographers are liberal by nature because they are artists. You all need to wake up! We are under a tyranical Government that is taking steps to curb the freedoms of all Americans. They are subversing the constitution in every thing they do. Remember this, when a command and control government takes over and rules instead of governing one of the first things to be inacted is to detain and punish the non compliant media and artists. Check out the history of these types of regeimes and you will see the facts! They want their world back and freedom loving people are in the way. Please wake up and smell the crap!

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