Interesting Photo of the Day: You Won’t Believe It Isn’t Photoshopped

To create unique and inspiring photographs, a photographer must teach himself to look closer at his natural surroundings and examine them with an eye for detail. The photo that you see below is a shining example of why. It would be easy to meander right past this incredible photo opportunity if you were not intentionally studying the setting:

Look closely to see the spider web is actually inside of the leaf’s fold. (via Imgur. Click for larger size.)

If you are not able to tell for yourself, the hole in the leaf affords us a glimpse into the leaf onto which the spider has woven a web between the two slightly folded blades. One social media user eloquently described the leaf as a tent and the web its floor. Clever homemaking on the spider’s behalf truly provided the photographer with a rare opportunity.

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One response to “Interesting Photo of the Day: You Won’t Believe It Isn’t Photoshopped”

  1. It is always a luck to find something like this in the nature. Spending more tome outdoors increase such chances

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