Interesting Photo of the Day: When Worlds Collide

Panoramas aren’t new. They’re done with a technique that uses specialized equipment or software to capture a horizontally elongated field of view. Using this technique, you can capture much more than what the camera can see in a single frame. But photographer Geoff Decker has added a twist to this technique in an attempt to create something unique. Using a technique that he calls “Nexus Panorama”, he’s able to create breathtaking images that are sure to leave viewers awestruck. Have a look at the following image if you don’t believe me:

“The Milky Way Connecting Two Landscapes” by Geoff Decker (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Decker shot the image with a Sony A7III and Sony FE 14mm f/1.8 GM lens. For this image, he stitched together 30 images, each of which were shot at f/1.8 and exposed for 25 seconds. For the stars, he varied the ISO between 1200 and 1600; for the landscapes, he kept the ISO at 3200.

“This has been a pet project since 2019 and I was looking for a new way to display the magnificence of the expanse.”

Unlike in other images where we see the Milky Way spanning across the night sky, in this image it seems to be connecting two disparate landscapes. The name “Nexus Panorama” thus makes perfect sense, as the term nexus means “connection point”.

At first glance, this image can feel trippy and surreal. Pay closer attention and you start to wonder about the technique and how much effort Decker must’ve put in.

Thanks to his creativity, the Milky Way looks like it’s connecting Earth with another planet. It’s open to interpretation. What was the first thought that came to your mind after seeing this image?

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