Interesting Photo of the Day: Massive Walrus Naps on Submarine Hatch

Always bring a camera. These words of advice are repeated by photographers everywhere who know the best scenes always seem to unfold when you leave your camera at home.

In the case of today’s interesting photo of the day, the photographer and the person pictured seem to have been trapped above water, with plenty of time for picture-taking, while others may or may not be stuck inside the pictured vessel. As evidenced by the image, a walrus decided to take a siesta atop this Russian submarine. And its cozy bed just happened to be the submarine’s hatch. Were other crew members knocking at the door from below sea level? Either way, I’m sure this photographer was glad to have a camera:

walrus sleeping on submarine

Walrus Naps on Russian Submarine Hatch (Click to See Full Size, Imgur)

Surprisingly, what appears to be a rare event is actually a common occurrence. Opportunistic sea mammals taking breaks atop submarines seem to be the frequent subjects of photographs. Some of the comments from naval officers on this have been hilarious:

“I hate how there was always one of them that wouldn’t get the $*&% off when you needed to get to the MBT vents or something.”

“The mental picture of a bunch of submariners trying to shoo a sea-lion off their billion dollar doomsday vehicle to perform routine maintenance is quite amusing to me. :P”

“Well we’d normally have several back there, and you’d run at them swinging something, and they’d all clear off. But there’d almost always be one alpha one that just wouldn’t f’ing leave and someone would have to get more brave/creative.”

sea lions sit on submarine

Sea Lions Atop Submarine (Via Joe McNally)

So, next time you’re tempted to leave your camera behind, bring it with you. You just never know when opportunity will knock. Or perhaps when you’ll need to do some knocking…

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One response to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Massive Walrus Naps on Submarine Hatch”

  1. That man was very courageous being so close to that walrus!! I could never, ever do that. Great photo!

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