Interesting Photo of the Day: Twilight in Paris

Paris is frequently lauded for being stunningly beautiful and romantic, possessing an almost magical quality. This photograph is certainly in keeping with that image, but is this an accurate depiction of what Paris is really like? A look at the Google Street View of a corner in the Montmartre neighborhood shows that this location is indeed picturesque, but the reality lacks the certain je ne sais quoi present in the photograph:

HDR imaging gives this photo an otherworldly beauty. (Via Imgur. Click for larger size.)

This is thanks to HDR, or high-dynamic-range imaging. With HDR, multiple exposures are combined to create one image with a larger range of luminosity and a greater wealth of detail. In many cases, looking at an HDR image may give one the feeling that they’re actually¬†there, more so than looking at a traditional photograph, because of the heightened intensity of light and color.

HDR helped this photographer capture an enchanting Parisian moment. Many digital cameras now have an HDR function built in– try using it to enhance your own photography.

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