Interesting Photo of the Day: Towering Abstraction

Not all photos that we come across make complete sense at first. Sometimes images demand a closer inspection. Yet even these interpretations will differ. While the photographer might have shot it with some idea in his mind, different people will draw different conclusions. Take the following image for instance that was taken by photographer Christian D’Antonio. Doesn’t it give you a trippy feeling?

buildings into the mystic

“Into the Mystic” by Christian D’Antonio (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

D’Antonio took the image in downtown Toronto, Canada. At first glimpse, it simply appears to be photographed from the ground with a view of the skyscrapers plunging into the clouds above. However, if you open your mind, you could imagine it was shot from the top of a skyscraper—above the clouds. This is some “Inception-styled” image right here. What do you think?

At first sight, you absolutely can’t tell what it is and how it’s positioned. The image is full of mystery, geometry and silence. It is only later that you can see the detail of how the buildings mirror each other. Only these reflections clearly show that they are buildings. This is why many viewers have confused the buildings for shelves, stairs or even the new Xbox Series X.

Doesn’t this image make you feel uncomfortable? This is indeed a really good job by the photographer.

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