Interesting Photo of the Day: Timelapse Engagement

Believe it or not, today’s interesting photo is not ripped straight from a Disney film. Rather, critically acclaimed photographer Alex Nye used his craft to turn one of the most important moments of his life into something downright magical:

wildflower engagmenet

“Proposing to my girlfriend on a flower-covered mountain at sunset” by Alex Nye (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Reaching the peak of California’s Grass Mountain is no small feat, as the path quickly becomes steep and unruly. One can only imagine that the trek becomes even more challenging when clad in khakis and a button-down, towing along a camera and tripod. However, those willing to make the journey are rewarded with a commanding view of the sprawling Santa Ynez Valley. During a small window in spring, the 4.5 mile trail comes alive with vibrant poppies and lupine in bloom.

Under the guise of setting up for a timelapse landscape, Nye had his fiancee fooled that he was up to business as usual when he positioned his DSLR several yards away. So, when he did get down on one knee and present a ring amidst the beautiful scenery, the unsuspecting woman was as speechless as any other bride-to-be.

We wish the happy couple all the best in the years to come! Thanks to Nye’s precise planning and artistic prowess, this scene is one that we’re sure the two will treasure for a lifetime.

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One response to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Timelapse Engagement”

  1. Tiberman Sajiwan Ramyead says:

    I rate this shot as PictureCorrect’s BEST shot of January to June 2018. Why? (1) It’s EXPRESSIVE. I guessed the proposal affair even before reading the caption (2) Alex Nye poured his heart into this shot. This is so tangible (3) This shot is a good example of breaking the dear old rule of thirds (4) The timing and the composition is perfect.

    Alex Nye, I wish you a long, happy married life. 45 years ago when I got married my late father gave me this advice: “Love your wife a little, but love her long.” God Bless.

    Warm regards from Mauritius.

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