Interesting Photo of the Day: Three Weary Wolves

On a foggy morning at Omega Park in Quebec, Cananda, photographer Daniel Parent was able to capture this shot of three arctic wolves cautiously listening to the sounds of the forest. Parent is an enthusiast photographer who boasts a very impressive and extensive profile of wildlife imagery. Strolling through the images makes you wonder if Parent lives with some of these animals:

three arctic wolves forest foggy morning

Three arctic wolves on a foggy morning in Omega Park, Quebec, Canada (imgur)

This photo begs the question of how the photographer was able to get so close to these wolves without them noticing him. His photographs are so close and personal, you’d think that he could talk to the animals. This spacing of the wolves in this photo is beautiful, and the look of the closest one sets a tone of majestic cautiousness for the whole image.

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6 responses to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Three Weary Wolves”

  1. Dan says:

    Don’t you think you meant “wary”, not weary?

    Proof-read, copy edit….

  2. spencer says:

    No, I believe I meant weary. But thanks.

  3. Dean says:

    Oh, so you meant three tired wolves who were listening ‘cautiously’ even though they were fatigued? What makes you think they were tired in this picture?
    Proof read, copy edit, use thesaurus if you have to…. But thanks.

  4. Mike says:

    Some locals photographers have a bit of an ethical issue with Omega since the wolves are often fed hot dogs and live in an enclosed area…not truly “nature”

  5. Alain says:

    Well if you go at the park, it is very easy to get great shots of mostly all animals in the park, the way the enclosures are situated and the access roads are, you often have great point of view. As for the Hot Dogs, that was a false rumors, well it was the visitors trying to get great shots that were feeding them HDs. These animals are like in a Zoo, nonchalant with humans. You seem to assume that something was wrong while taking the picture, far from it, look at mines, you’ll see that it is easy to get great views, all done with a 300m or a Bigma and often at 360mm.

  6. Mike says:

    @Alain, this is certainly a great image but I think the impact is somewhat lessened when it is understood that it was taken in a zoo like setting, rather than nature, however you might want to define nature.

    The confusion might be with the term Park as in Yellowstone or Algonquin, which Omega certainly is not. It is a nature preserve where the animals are not free to come and go and are highly dependant on humans for food.

    Neither CAPA nor PSA would let these pass as wildlife shots, nature possibly, but certainly not wildlife.

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