Interesting Photo of the Day: These Three Bull Bison Mean Serious Business

During his 7-year stint living at Yellowstone National Park, nature photographer Steve Hinch had the opportunity to create an amazing variety of landscape and wildlife images, including this intense shot of three bull bison who clearly mean serious business:

bison buffalo snow winter cold ice freezing steve hinch wildlife photographer landscape yellowstone national park

“Three Amigos” by Steve Hinch (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

On his website, Hinch describes the three guidelines that he follows when he photographs wildlife. First, he never closely approaches a wild animal or gives them a reason to feel threatened—and not just for his sake. Authorities usually have to euthanize animals that have violent encounters with humans. Second and third, Hinch shoots with long telephoto lenses and teleconverters—preferably from his vehicle.

“Photographing wild animals brings with it intrinsic dangers, even for experienced naturalists and photographers,” wrote Hinch. “Long lenses and teleconverters help to distance the photographer from the subject, keeping both photographer and animal safe. Additionally, many images [are] taken from my vehicle. It acts as the perfect moving blind and also separates the photographer further from the subject.”

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