Interesting Photo of the Day: The Elevator Encounter

Photographers are visual storytellers. This especially applies to street-photographers. A moment that they capture can be interpreted in many different ways to derive various stories. Some can be fun, some can invoke anger, and some can leave you wondering about what happened next. Street photographer Marco Gaia took the following image in Milan, Italy and it’s a brilliant example of the latter:

elevator encounter

“The Elevator Encounter” by Marco Gaia (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Visually, there’s a stark sense of imbalance in colors and content between the left and right sides of the image. The warm light and the patterns on the building appear “busy” compared to the cool blue tone of the sky. And if you pay attention to the two people in the building, you can again see the contrasting color tones in the areas where they’re standing. You can imagine that it’s a representation of their traits. And what might have happened next when they encountered in the elevator? The image totally leaves you wondering.

“Well, the elevator was going down and they actually met a few seconds or so later.”

All in all, this is a beautiful image with a gorgeous mix of colors, good composition, and amazing storytelling. Beautiful work by the photographer.

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