Interesting Photo of the Day: Suspension Bridge at Night

People have mixed feelings as far as suspension bridges are concerned. Some don’t care and simply cross it, while for others it is no less than a thrilling adventure. In any case, we must admit that they surely are spectacular. While crossing it is one thing, standing on it admiring the beautiful view whilst the bridge sways slightly with the wind is another extraordinary experience. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart though. Photographer Nico Schuth shot this rather unusual image of the Geierlay suspension bridge in Sosberg, Germany and we can agree that even those who loath suspension bridges would love to get on this one:

Geierlay suspension bridge with LED lights at night

“Suspension Bridge at Night Lit by LED Lights” by Nico Schuth (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The composition on this image is quite simple, yet really effective. With the suspension bridge placed right on the center, Schuth has created a leading line that draws the viewers right into the image. And considering that he took the image at night, there’s darkness all around giving it a kind of creepy feel. To illuminate the bridge, Schuth and his team themselves placed the LED lights on it.

“It took us around 3 hours. The bridge is 360m long and each cable is 10m long. So we needed 72 in total.”

Would you dare to cross the bridge in pitch darkness?

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