Interesting Photo of the Day: Supercell Storm Brewing

Looking like a scene from The Wizard of Oz, this remarkable photo shows an ominous supercell storm descending on a farm in Nebraska. Professional photographer Camille Seaman explains her thought process prior to capturing the photo:

I leaned forward in my seat, clutching my camera and staring out the window at the endless wheat fields. The clouds were darkening and a storm was brewing. I couldn’t tell just yet if it was anything unusual, like I was hoping for.

supercell storm Nebraska

Supercell storm in Nebraska (Camille Seaman, via imgur; click for larger photo)

The resulting photo certainly was unusual in the best possible way, contrasting the menacing but beautiful swirling forms of the storm clouds against the orange glow of the sunset and white clouds parting to reveal a glimpse of blue sky.

Camille Seaman’s photography has been featured in publications such as National Geographic and Newsweek. She used a Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III to capture this photo.

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