Interesting Photo of the Day: Sunset at Lake Clearwater

We can’t stress enough how important lighting is in photography. The importance is even greater when it comes to landscape photography. The scene in front of you may be absolutely gorgeous, but if the lighting isn’t ideal, the real beauty of the landscape may not be reflected in the photograph. This is why almost any photographer would recommend shooting during the golden hours. Landscape photographer Paul Wilson‘s image of Lake Clearwater in New Zealand is a quick reminder of what you can expect during the magic hour:

sunset in Lake Clearwater New Zealand

“Sunset in Lake Clearwater, New Zealand” by Paul Wilson (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Wilson shot the image with his Canon 5D Mark IV and 16–35mm f/4 lens.

“We scouted locations for sunset and some astro for a few hours until we found the perfect spot to set up for the night, then we waited for golden hour, the sunset delivered nicely and didn’t disappoint!”

With a bit of planning and skills, golden hours rarely disappoint. The beautiful lighting has really brought out the gorgeous colors in the sky. Wilson’s idea of including the foreground, the subject, and the background has certainly added depth to the composition. And because he used a long exposure, the cloud trails have further given a dynamic feeling to the overall image.

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