Interesting Photo of the Day: Steel Wool Long Exposure in a Tunnel

There are some pretty awesome light painting photos out there these days. Photographers are getting really creative with the tools they use to do the painting and the locations they set the images against. For this photo, Andrewlego72 uses a long exposure to capture an incredible moment in a tunnel. Golden lights seem to be pouring like waterfalls and produce an eye-catching effect of fiery streaks:

steel wool long exposure

Long exposure in a tunnel by Andrewlego72 (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The photographer uses the steel wool technique, which only requires a steady tripod and a few household items, such as steel wool of grade 0 or finer, a metal cooking whisk, some type of string, and a lighter or some matches. By spinning the flaming steel wool, you can create circles or other shapes that will then reproduce amazing effects on your camera.

For this particular image, Andrewlego72 set the camera to a 30 second exposure at f/11 and ISO 200. He then touched up the colors a bit in Lightroom.

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