Interesting Photo of the Day: Spring Night in Seoul

When framing is done right, audiences look right at the subject in a powerful way. A good photographer can look for natural framing devices, such as trees or doorways, to enhance their shots. The following image, taken by photographer Jeffery Jung, is a great example of a well-executed shot using this technique:

“One Spring Night in Seoul” by Jeffery Jung (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Jung shot the image with a Sony A7RII and Sigma 35mm f/1.4. He took the picture during spring and so used the cherry blossoms as the element to frame Seoul’s Lotte Tower. And since he took it during nighttime, he used his phone to light the blossoms in the foreground. That’s some clever thinking.

Jung has used the branches and the blossoms beautifully to frame the tower. The soft and out-of-focus flowers in the foreground not too distracting, letting our eyes naturally flow to the building. The column in the center of the building also works as an effective leading line and draws us right toward the sky. And the hazy night gives the image a mystical effect that adds drama to the scene.

Besides the clever play of perspective, the mix of colors is equally praiseworthy. The cool look of the building, the lighting on top and the night sky are beautifully complemented by the warm look of the flowers. This makes the image so soothing to look at.

Doesn’t this image want to make you visit Seoul?

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