Interesting Photo of the Day: Snowy Japanese Cedars

For today’s interesting photo feature, we’ll be traveling to a sleepy Shinto shrine resting at the base of a remote mountain. In the dead of winter, not many brave the cold to visit the sacred site. But, as this image clearly illustrates, those that do are rewarded with an unbelievable view.

moon cycle

“A Snowy Forest in Japan” by Benjamin Lee (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Shot by Australian-based photographer Benjamin Lee with a Canon 5D Mark IV, this incredible photograph actually features the path leading up to the ancient shrine rather than the structure itself. Planted in the 17th century, long rows of hundreds of cedar trees greet guests. As fresh snowfall settles over branches and footprints, a single visitor clad in black highlights the massive size of each towering trunk.

Though the area itself is gorgeous and the photographer lucked out with the weather in this instance, a few artistic choices really tie this shot together. For instance, Lee chose to use a 67mm lens rather than a more traditional wide-angle option. In turn, the path is compressed, emphasizing just how far back the trail runs. We also love Lee’s use of split toning in this shot. By bringing out the reds of the cedar and the blues of the snow ever so slightly, the picture becomes all the more magical and captivating.

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One response to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Snowy Japanese Cedars”

  1. Greg Chinn says:

    You mention Snowy Cedars and ancient shinto shrine, but you don’t say where this was shot exactly. Other than Japan can you narrow it down.

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