Interesting Photo of the Day: Skydiving Fashion Shoot in Freefall at 12,500 Feet

The other day I talked about timing and how sometimes you just have to have the patience to wait for that perfect shot. Well today we’re talking about the opposite kind of timing. That fast-paced, split-second, hair-trigger, cat-like reflex kind of timing. The kind you need to get a shot like the one David Bengtsson captured while skydiving from a plane. Why did need he quick reflexes for this shot you ask? Because in a few more seconds this girl’s face would have been flapping in the wind like a dog sticking its head out a car window. The shot had to be taken right after exiting the plane so the model’s face looked smooth and her eyes stayed open.

“Even the prettiest girl look(s) ugly in freefall after 6-7 seconds, so we had to nail the shot right after exiting the airplane.”

fashion photography skydiving free falling lipstick

This photographer is taking fashion photography to a higher level, literally (click for full size, imgur)

Of course, kudos shouldn’t only go to the photographer. The model gets props too for maintaining such a cool composure for someone whose just jumped out of an airplane thousands of feet in the air. Bengtsson says his model was a “former elite field and track athlete” and that she did an amazing job delivering under pressure.

How she managed to keep her eyes open without goggles and hold on to that tube of lipstick is beyond me, but she pulled it off, and the resulting image is incredible.

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One response to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Skydiving Fashion Shoot in Freefall at 12,500 Feet”

  1. gopal shroti says:

    SKYDIVING photo not ugly but daring…..yes incredible and exciting. thnx.

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