Interesting Photo of the Day: Shooting Star Over Iceland Farmhouse

Have you ever witnessed a beautiful scene of the night sky but couldn’t quite capture the entire scene as you saw it? A longer exposure reveals stars invisible to the naked eye and also paints a brighter foreground. When used together, you can construct a more accurate portrayal of the view you had that night. For this particular image, two exposures opened up the sky’s astronomy and showed a clear picture of the buildings beneath it:

iceland farm house milky way

“Milky Way and Shooting Star Above Our Farmhouse in Iceland” (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Photographer Ravi Lakhani captured this vertical panorama of the Milky Way above a farmhouse in Iceland. With two exposures, he was able to show the farmhouse and other building lit up underneath the second exposure of the Milky Way. This technique is popular in astrophotography, since you can combine an illuminated foreground with a starry sky! For each 30-second exposure, he used an f/2.8 aperture and ISO 1250 with a Canon 5D Mark III camera.

Have you taken long exposure pictures before? A higher ISO will brighten the dark areas of your picture and a longer shutter speed will let more light in overall. Try taking your camera out on a tripod and open up the shutter speed to see which stars show up!

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