Interesting Photo of the Day: Self Portrait from Another Time

We photographers are so in the habit of pointing the camera towards others that taking a self-portrait can be really intimidating. The most that majority of us do is take a cellphone selfie. But if you’re willing to do it, taking a beautiful self-portrait can be an amazing learning experience. And by looking at the work of photographer Derville, it really seems like she’s a master at the art. Check out her beautiful self-portrait that is no less than an amazingly done oil painting:

classic style self portrait

“18th Century Inspired Self Portrait” by Derville (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Derville took the image with her Canon EOS 6D Mark II and 50mm f/1.4 ISM lens at f/5, 1/160s, and ISO 200. While the overall portrait is a fantastic one, what’s also inspiring is that Derville did the costumes all by herself. What an absolute talent!

“I sewed this costume 7 years ago, when I dedicated myself to the creation of costumes and accessories. I take advantage of the confinement to shoot the forgotten outfits.”

The lighting that she has used for this image has given a fierce mood to the image. The darker tones, her eye contact, and even her expression give a feeling that something intense is about to happen.

“I am not really comfortable with the pink-girly-princess-Disney style. I much prefer the dark atmospheres and Cersei style which puts up a little discomfort.”

Absolutely an amazing job by the photographer.

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