Interesting Photo of the Day: Rialto Beach Sea Stack Sunset

If you’ve ever been out to Olympic National Park in Washington, you know it’s an incredible place to shoot. But, you’ve probably only visited a small portion of the vast park. Head on over to the Pacific coast region and the scenery is filled with rocky beaches and crashing waves, impressive sea stacks, and vibrant and dramatic skies. Time it right, and you can capture sunsets like you’ve never seen before, like this one shot by Steven Luu at Rialto Beach. You never know what you’re going to get here; the mood of the ocean and sky can change everything:

rialto beach sea stacks sunset

Rialto Beach, Washington by Steven Luu (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

Luu scouted out this location earlier in the day and set up to get some sunset shots. He posted about this pic that the water was moving pretty quickly that day, so he began with a 1/5 of a second exposure but switched to 1/8 of a second to get more texture. And, apparently, the water was a bit more wild than what we see in the shot.

“Not shown in this photo: a sneak wave swallowing the photographer and camera equipment.

Ventured out to Rialto Beach a few weeks ago. I got there a little early to scout out some compositions and enjoy the landscape. As the sunset, the tide got higher and higher, and I struggled to keep my camera lens dry. Finally, I had to retreat to hide behind this rock on the left… big mistake.”

But, totally worth it. The colors and composition are just stunning.

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