Interesting Photo of the Day: Petra, the City Carved in Rock

Petra, also known as the Rose City, is an ancient city in Jordan that experts claim was built as early as 312 BC. Its defining feature is the massive structures carved out of the rock walls that make up the city. The architecture of this city is definitely impressive, but the perspective of this photograph adds even more emphasis to the size and grandness of this place:

petra jordan rose city huge rock wall carving structure architecture

One of the great stone carved structures of the Rose City (Click for Larger View, Imgur)

Perspective can heavily influence any picture. In this photo, the the size of the building is emphasized by capturing it alongside the giant rock face and the people below. It’s obvious to see that the photographer is very high up, yet the structure is almost as tall as he is high and the people look like ants in comparison.

Adding people to a photograph is one of the best ways to gain perspective in a photo. When you look at a photo of a long waterfall or giant tree, it can be hard to gauge the size if there is little context to help. Adding a person will give you an immediate frame of reference because, well, everyone knows how big people are.

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