Interesting Photo of the Day: Opal in Volcanic Stone

Is it a glimpse into the birth of the universe? This shot of a Mexican opal gemstone captured by photographer and gemologist, Danny J. Sanchez, is one of many of beautiful gems and minerals in his portfolio. It can take over centuries for an opal to mature into the precious gem we see here. Formed in the volcanic rock rhyolite, this opal gives us a beautiful glimpse into prehistoric times:

opal gemstone

“Opal in rhyolite” by Danny J. Sanchez (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

Sanchez uses a technique called photomicrography; he shoots through a microscope taking multiple shots at different focus points and then stacks them in post-processing to achieve a greater depth of field and focus. Because he can only shoot at a shallower depth of field, he often takes up to 120 shots before he stacks them. He says he purposely shoots them to subvert scale so the viewer can explore things within the stone that may not have been seen otherwise.

The more we explore the finer details of a subject the more we are open to finding the building blocks of the universe.

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