Interesting Photo of the Day: Oklahoma Supercell

Storm chaser and weather enthusiast Brandon Goforth┬áhas been following severe weather since 2000. It’s not shocking that he hails from a state known for super storms and tornadoes–Oklahoma. Along with Chris Sanner, Josh Ward, Brandon Sullivan, and Brett Wright, Goforth chases storms with the intent of capturing powerful images on video and film.

Goforth captured this image of a supercell forming over the plains of Oklahoma:


“Stacked Plates” Supercell Over Oklahoma Plains (Via Imgur. Click to see larger size.)

Armed with a Canon 7D and a 10-22mm wide-angle lens, Goforth puts himself in harm’s way to capture the perfect shot of the most extreme weather. According to the team’s website,

“We pursue extreme weather to document its effects on the Central and Southern Plains. From supercells and tornadoes in the Spring, to hurricanes in the summer and fall, to blizzards in the winter and everything in between, we are fascinated by the extreme weather this region produces.”

The “Tornado Titans,” as they are known, not only create outstanding images of severe weather, but also educate and inform people about the dangers of these extreme situations and how to prepare for them.

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