Interesting Photo of the Day: Night Skiing in Skeikampen, Norway

Long exposure nighttime photography has many variables that can affect how you position yourself, frame your shot, and utilize equipment. An exposure that’s too long will capture the blur created by the movement of the stars around you. One that is too short won’t let enough light in to pick up all of the stars visible only to your camera. Yet, like anything else in photography, enough practice teaches you how to prepare for photographing the Milky Way or other parts of the sky. Part of that practice is simply being out there at the right time, as this photographer has shown:

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“Ski Resort in Skeikampen, Norway” by Sondre Eriksen (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Photographer Sondre Eriksen captured this photo at a ski resort in Skeikampen, Norway. His long exposure highlights the open night sky and all of its stars invisible to the naked eye because in reality, this ski trail would be a lot darker and harder to see. You can see the radiant Milky Way against the horizon reaching to the sky above as the trees below it, as well. The sloping hill leading to the horizon line pushes the viewer’s eye toward the stars almost as if you are skiing toward them. It’s a gorgeous viewpoint with great attention to light and the shadows that come from it.

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