Interesting Photo of the Day: New Zealand Summer Storm

How many times do you look at a landscape shot and think about how calm everything looks? Other times, you can see the action, whether it be wind, animals, or cloud coverage moving across the image. In this case, the purple flowers calmly stand in unison as the dark clouds approach from the once illuminated skies above. The last rays of sunshine can be seen poking through behind them. As the viewers’ eyes move up the image, the storm cloud draws nearer to the peace below it. This photographer expertly captured the difference between the scene on the ground and the one above it:

lupine flower photography New Zealand landscapes

“Summer Storm, New Zealand” by Will Patino (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Landscape photographer Will Patino ventured out into a New Zealand storm to set up his equipment and capture this stunning shot of a field of lupine before the flowers were destroyed by the weather. The menacing clouds bearing down on the plants contrast beautifully with the graceful, vibrant nature of the foreground.

When shooting landscapes, a little drama can never hurt. According to Patino, this storm quickly moved past the nearby mountain range, bringing with it hail, lightning, and echoing thunder. Would you dive into the frenzy to attempt a shot like this or run for cover?

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