Interesting Photo of the Day: Mt Rainier Winter Landscape

One of the best things about winter has to be the snowfall that it brings along. Mountains that appear rocky and barren otherwise appear glorious when snow capped. Then there’s the adventurous part like skiing down a snowy mountain slope. When photographer Steven Crutchfield was at Crystal Mountain, he captured this beautiful image of Mount Rainier:

snow capped mount rainier

“Winter At Mount Rainier” by Steven Crutchfield (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

It really seems like Crutchfield put in a lot of effort walking all the way to the top. You can see the coniferous forest on the slopes of the mountain; again all covered in snow. And considering that the sky is pretty clear, we can anticipate that the snow is pretty fresh.

You might notice the river at the foot of the mountain, which works great as a leading line. It leads you through the clouds and to the foot of mount Rainier. What’s great about the clouds is that they add a sense of mystery and some drama to the image.

What an experience it must’ve been for Crutchfield to be there at that moment.

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