Interesting Photo of the Day: Mountain Church in Slovenia

Some of the best moments in photography happen during the sunrise or sunset. This is when the sky and clouds display warm colors, as shown in the picture below. The image foreground can have a detailed, interesting landmark such as this church on a hill near the mountains. The fog hides the rest from detail, leaving only enough space to show the dense forest surrounding the church. Locations such as this one attract people and photographers from all over:

photographer captures church on mountain in Slovenia

“World of Fairy Tales” by Janez Tolar (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

Janez Tolar captured this amazing image of The Church of St. Primoz in Jamnik, Kranj, Slovenia. This magnificent backdrop creates a stark contrast beetween the historic building and nature itself. He was able to blend the warm colors of the sky and cooler tones of the mountains and fog to highlight the glowing church. His body of work includes shots of this church during different times of the day and year. During the evening, the church is lit as shown. It really adds to the atmosphere of the fog and shadows covering the area.

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