Interesting Photo of the Day: Meteor Shower Over McCloud Falls

Northern California provides many a photo op, with its lush forests, high mountains, gorgeous rivers and expansive lakes; it’s truly a nature photographer’s playground. In the Cascades, just southeast of Mount Shasta, runs the McCloud River, with a bunch of spring-fed streams and waterfalls. The McCloud Waterfalls are picturesque at any time of day, but capture them on a magical night, like during a meteor shower, and the scene is truly breathtaking:

mccloud falls california

“Nighted Vail” (Via National Geographic. Click to see larger size.)

In this photo captured by Brad Goldpaint, you can really see nature connect with the soft texture of the cascading water against the sharp, meteorite-streaked sky. Anyone who stops to take it all in will no doubt feel at one with awe-inspiring Mother Earth.

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