Interesting Photo of the Day: Lost Lake Waterfall

Lost Lake may not receive much attention during its rainy fall and winter seasons, but once summertime hits, this Oregon lake location garners plenty of attention. The increase in attention occurs during the dry months of summer when the entire 85 acres of lake water eventually vanishes and turns into a meadow. But before it does, Lost Lake creates a breathtaking waterfall scene you have to see to believe:

Lost Lake waterfalls

Waterfalls at Lost Lake (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

This natural phenomenon occurs every year due to two hollow lava tubes located at the bottom of the lake. These tubes constantly drain the lake, similar to an unplugged bathtub drain. Every year during late fall, the lake bed begins to fill once the rainfall starts to exceed the lava tubes’ natural ability to drain the water. Throughout winter, the levels continue to rise as the rain and snow fill the bed—and end when the rainy season tapers off. While it’s unclear where the drained water from the lake goes, researchers have speculated that it travels through the lava tubes and seeps through the cracks in the volcanic rock, forming groundwater.

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