Interesting Photo of the Day: Lion Steals Camera and Tripod

Nature shots in a safari setting feature the most powerful, wild animals that Africa has to offer. Oftentimes, taking photos from a distance is the best way to capture these shots and remain safe. But what happens if your camera is left behind to sit in place and shoot these images for you? The result can be lethal:

Lion steals camera lens tripod

“Lion and photo camera” by Thomas Selig. (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Photographer Thomas Selig¬†captured this shot of a female lion in Kenya departing with another photographer’s camera setup. He remarked afterwards that the tripod was lost, but they were able to recover the camera and lens. Unfortunately, the lens had been half eaten by the lions and lost function. Apparently, all it took was a long wait¬†before they could go get it back!

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