Interesting Photo of the Day: Inside a Glacier

Imagine walking along the broken ground and through the ice tunnels atop an ancient glacier. What does it look like? In this photo, one hiker captured an incredibly clear and icy blue shot of a small, yet stunning tunnel. This crevice, atop Franz Josef Glacier, has been dubbed “The Holy Grail” by the guides:

glacier photo

Franz Josef Glacier Ice Tunnel (Via Imgur. Click to see full size.)

One of New Zealand’s biggest tourist attractions, Franz Josef Glacier receives about 250,000 visitors a year. Every day, up to 2,700 people hike the glacier. But, even with the staggering amount of tourists, whom you would think are all seeing the same things, the massive 12 km long glacier offers up some amazing and unique photo ops.

This passage had only been discovered two weeks before this photo was taken.

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