Interesting Photo of the Day: Inside a Dragon’s Belly

Even though fire breathing dragon’s are mythical creatures, there’s no stopping our imagination. Ask any first grader and you would be inundated with tales where a dungeon is guarded by one and a knight in shining armor rescues a damsel in distress by displaying his valor. But what about stories where detailed first hand accounts of being swallowed alive can be heard:

cave photography

Ice cave under a volcano in Kamchatka (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

This image taken by Daniel Kordan, from inside a huge ice cave buried deep within the Mutnovskiy volcano, looks like what you might see if you were to be swallowed alive by a dragon. Taken during an expedition to Kamchatka, while traversing the wild Russian far east, Kordan captured intricate details of the cave, including a gushing stream of water in extremely difficult lighting conditions.

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