Interesting Photo of the Day: Historic Hallstatt

Hallstatt is a small village on the western shore of Lake Hallstatt in Austria’s Salzkammergut region. Interestingly, it’s considered to be one of the oldest still inhabited settlements in Europe. That’s why this UNESCO heritage site attracts a lot of tourists every year. One of the beauties of this place has to be the sixteenth-century Alpine houses and alleyways that house cafes and shops today. Photographer Daniel J. Schwarz took this image of the historic settlement and it’s sure to lure you to this enchanting place:

“Historic Hallstatt” by Daniel J. Schwarz (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The best part of this image has to be the way Schwarz has framed it. The sunlit leaves in the foreground perfectly hug the lake and the settlement in the mid-ground. He’s done an excellent job by choosing to include the church in his composition. It gives such a medieval vibe to the image. And it just doesn’t end there. Like the strong foreground, the background in the image is equally strong. The mountain in the background hints at how beautiful this place can really be when visited in person.

Even the way Schwarz has processed the image is interesting. While the leaves in the foreground give a warm and sunny vibe, thanks to the yellow tones, the background speaks otherwise. This difference in tonalities gives an overall contrasting feeling.

Have you had the opportunity to visit this historic settlement?

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